Live Demo:

Create a single frictionless dataset portal

The dataset should be a frictionless dataset i.e. it should have a datapackage.json

Create a frictionless dataset portal app from the default template by executing the following command in your terminal:

$ npx create-next-app -e

Choose a name for your portal when prompted e.g. your-portal

Next, connect the frictionless dataset to your-portal by declaring the path to the directory level that contains the datapackage.json via an environment variable by executing the following command in your terminal:

$ cd your-portal
$ export PORTAL_DATASET_PATH=path/to/your/dataset

In your-portal directory, run the command below in your terminal to start the portal:

$ yarn dev

Open the page in your browser via the localhost url(usually http://localhost:3000) returned in the terminal to see your frictionless dataset portal.

Styling 🎨

We use Tailwind as a CSS framework. Take a look at /styles/tailwind.css to see what we're importing from Tailwind bundle. You can also configure Tailwind using tailwind.config.js file.

Have a look at Next.js support of CSS and ways of writing CSS: