The JavaScript framework for data portals

Rapidly build rich data portals using a modern frontend framework.

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How PortalJS works?

PortalJS is built in JavaScript and React on top of the popular Next.js framework, assuming a "decoupled" approach where the frontend is a separate service from the backend and interacts with backend(s) via an API. It can be used with any backend and has out of the box support for CKAN.

Unified sites

Present data and content in one seamless site, pulling datasets from a DMS (e.g. CKAN) and content from a CMS (e.g. wordpress) with a common internal API

Developer friendly

Built with familiar frontend tech Javascript, React etc

Batteries included

Full set of portal components out of the box e.g. catalog search, dataset showcase, blog etc.

Easy to theme and customize

installable themes, use standard CSS and React+CSS tooling. Add new routes quickly.


quickly extend and develop/import your own React components

Well documented

full set of documentation plus the documentation of NextJS and Apollo.


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