What We Shipped in Jul-Aug 2023

Ola Rubaj

Ola Rubaj

Hey everyone! 👋 Summer has been in full swing, and while I've managed to catch some vacation vibes, I've also been deep into code. I'm super excited to share some of the latest updates and features we've rolled out over the past two months. Let's dive in:

🌷 Flowershow


  1. CLI is old news: the Flowershow CLI has been deprecated in favor of our new Flowershow Obsidian plugin.

  2. Self-publishing made even easier: I wrote a self-publish tutorial to guide you through using our Obsidian plugin for publishing your digital garden.

  3. Cloud-publishing MVP: The first version of our Flowershow Cloud which aims to make publishing your digital garden notes a breeze! Check out the overview and stay tuned 📻!

  4. Hydration errors from Obsidian transclusions/note embeddings are fixed: For now, note transclusions will convert to regular links, but stay tuned — support for note embeds may be on the horizon. Learn more

  5. New Obsidian tags list format support: I added support for Obsidian's new tag list format, so now your notes can be even more organized. Learn more

🗂️ MarkdownDB


  1. Auto-Publishing to npm: Changesets now trigger auto-publishing, so we're always up to date.
  2. Obsidian-style wiki links: Extracting wiki links with Obsidian-style shortest paths is supported now.

📚 The Guide


I’ve sketched overviews for two upcoming tutorials:

  1. Collaborating with others on your website: Learn how to make your website projects a team effort. See it here
  2. Customising your website and previewing your changes locally: Customize and preview your site changes locally, without headaches. See it here

🌐 LifeItself.org


LifeItself.org is our website built on the Flowershow template, and it's been getting some extra care too.

  1. New blog home page layout with:
  • Team Top Selection


  • Latest Blog Posts


  • And the long awaited filtering by category 🎉


👉 Check out the changes!

  1. Blog posts layout revamp: Refreshed design with share options, reading time estimates, and more.


That wraps it up for now! As always, I'm eager to hear your thoughts and feedback. Feel free to report issues or ask for features on our GitHub repositories. Until next time and happy publishing!

— Ola Rubaj, Developer at Datopian