PortalJS comes with a library of components that provides essential pieces for your data portal. The best way to explore the components is to look at our Storybook that contains all the details on how to use them. Below is a quick summary of existing components today:

  • <Catalog /> A searchable catalog that will index a list of datasets and allow for contextual searching + filters.
  • <LineChart /> A simple component that allows the creation of an opinionated line chart without the need to go deep into charting standards
  • <Vega /> A wrapper around the Vega specification that allows you to build pretty much any kind of chart imaginable
  • <VegaLite /> A wrapper around the Vega Lite specification which allows for a more concise grammar than Vega around the building of charts.
  • <Table /> is an easy-to-use table component with built-in pagination, search, and sorting.